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8 Guidelines That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Many new businesses fail within the first few years because they lack the knowledge on how to plan for and maintain a steady growth pattern. Some businesses grow so quickly that they cannot keep up and others fail because they have over invested in inventory and then cannot sell it quickly enough. This month’s blog article will discuss the 8 guidelines to growing your business steadily and how WAPPoint can help you financially through the growth phase. With WAPPoint payment…

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Better Cash Flows With WAPPoint

With the festive season behind us, businesses are either scrambling for cash flow because of the holidays or need to plan theirs for the quieter period to come. You shouldn't need to worry about your credit card machine supplier limiting your cash flow as well! Cash flow can be described as the amount of spending power, available cash or liquidity between the beginning and end of an accounting period. A strong cash flow indicates that your business has a healthy…

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Loyalty Programme

How to gain customer brand loyalty in your business:

8 ways to improve your bottom line through customer loyalty Does your business focus on building customer loyalty? If not, did you know that existing customers spend 67 percent more than new ones and that it is 10 times more expensive to market to new customers than to keep old ones? In a world where customers have all the access to information and your competitors, research has shown that customers are actually willing to stick to companies that provide the best customer…

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Credit Card Machines

Traditional Credit Card Machines vs Smartphone Payment Terminals… We tell all

Click here to take the quiz to find out which card machine is more suitable for your type of business. Many business owners are unsure of whether to choose a traditional mobile debit and credit card machine or a smartphone debit and credit card payment solution. Here are our reasons why a card machine is still the best. Card machines still have the fastest transaction time, thus eliminating queues. Smart devices require more entry points so the transactions take a…

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Business Marketing Tip: What makes your business unique?

Be Distinct or Become Extinct This is probably the most important question that you need to answer in your business as it can determine the success or failure of your business. When customers choose between you and your competitors, what is it that sets you apart? If the answer is price or great service, you have a big problem as no one can compete on price forever and anyone can offer a great or even better service. By definition, a…

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Accepting Card Payments in the Events and Exhibitions Industry:

Every year exhibitions attract tons of visitors in a very short space of time, making it possible for exhibitors to rapidly grow their businesses. Although the aim is for every exhibitor to increase sales and build brand awareness, many exhibitors lose sales due to a lack of service from their card payment facilitators. This month’s blog post is about understanding the events and exhibitions industry from a card payments perspective and how WAPPoint became a leader in this industry. 9…

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3 Reasons Why You Need Flexibility From Your Merchant Services Provider:

Flexibility in the Merchant Services Industry refers to the ability to change your contract and product requirements as your business changes. Many service providers have one product offering that binds you both contractually and financially for an extended period of time. If you’re lucky and they have more than one product to choose from however, most likely you will still end up doing a new merchant application each time you want to change your product…with endless amounts of paper work.…

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3 Kinds Of Service – Should You Only Be Able To Choose 2?

Some would say that you can have two of the following; fast, cheap or quality service but never all three. Well they're wrong! With over 15 years’ experience, we have developed our service to suit any kind of business and every individual business owner's requirements. We pride ourselves in being a credit card facilities supplier who can provide all three! Okay, all three to a greater degree than our competitors. Fast: We can sign you up within 24-72 hours, even…

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Mobile Smartphone Credit Card Payment App Terminals Explained:

With a recent surge in technological advances in the card payments industry over the past five years, smartphone paired payment platforms have become an extremely cost effective and popular choice for businesses. Convenient, Mobile and Affordable Payment Sollution: So what makes these handy little devices different to a normal credit and debit card machine? The most obvious answer is price but there is so much more! Besides being a more cost effective platform for small businesses to accept card payments,…

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6 Reasons Why Our Credit Card Facility Services Offer the most value for money

With so many choices on the market today it can be a daunting task to choose the right supplier of card payment facilities for you and your business. We have provided credit and debit card payment facilities to exhibitors and organisers for more than a decade. In doing so we have developed a unique service tailored to the Exhibition and Events Industry and currently supply card facilities to more than 2000 exhibitors per year. Take a look at our latest infographic…

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