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Beat Load Shedding with WAPPoint

According to an article in The South African, load shedding costs our economy an estimated R1 Billion per stage that we are on, per day! That means that stage 1 costs R1 Billion and it goes up to R4 Billion per day on stage 4 load shedding! Unfortunately, not all business owners are in the position to acquire and install generators so that they can keep their lights on and continue business as usual, and even if they are, it…

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6 Low Cost Ways to Advertise Your Business

Do you shy away from spending money to advertise your business? With the ever rising costs and increasing pressures on our economy, marketing or advertising is often seen as a luxury item and pushed aside and if costs isn't the reason for lack of advertising, many business owners shy away because they have no idea how to approach it or how to get the results they want from it. But if you really think about it, if you knew that for…

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Loyal Customer

How Creating Loyal Customers Results In Bigger Profits

Did you know that existing customers spend 67% more than new ones and it is 10 times more expensive to market to new customers than to keep old ones? Here are 5 ways to gain loyalty from your customers. Let's analyse this statement for a moment. We all have our favourite restaurants, clothing stores and grocery outlets but how did they become our favourite? Why do we choose to spend our hard earned cash at these stores instead of the…

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9 Great Ways to Generate Recurring Income

We all have those clients that say they love our product/service so much that they will definitely return, and then they don’t. What would the financial impact be on your business, your cash flow, your debt or even just your life if your clients actually returned? Would you have made it big time and won the proverbial lottery? I suppose we should tell you how to ensure that recurring income happens before we let you dream about how you’ll spending…

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Kick-start January

How To Kick-Start January to Prepare for The New Year

Most businesses experience what I like to call Sales Waves; They refer to quiet times, busy times and then every 7th wave that causes chaos as your peak or quiet season comes and goes throughout the year. If you have one of these businesses then staying on top of things when you are too busy and getting by when you are quiet is an art that must be mastered. We've found that many of our clients oftentimes struggle with this…

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How to maximise your festive season sales

As the festive season approaches, many business owners experience extreme highs or extreme lows during this time. This can be a make or break time for many small businesses so the question is how to maximise your sales  so that you can make enough money to accumulate funds to carry your business in the lean months. WAPPoint has various options for taking payment, and a Pocket Pro is ideal if you want to save on expenses. We also offer short…

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10 Reasons to take your business online

With South Africa’s unemployment rate sitting on a record high of 27.7%, South Africans are forced to look into alternative ways of earning an income. If you cannot find a job or have suffered through retrenchment, the only logical next step is to start a business. But how do you start or grow your business with little to no capital? Our answer is to take your business online! More and more people around the world prefer to shop online and…

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6 Ways To Save Time & Money In Your Business

It's easy for a business owner to get caught up in the day-to-day running of their business as opposed to focusing on business growth. For many SME business owners it is simply not possible to put working for the business aside, so we've compiled a list of tips to help you use technology or people to spend less time on being your own employee and spend more time on being an entrepreneur. Are you spending too much time working in…

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6 Ways to Structure Your Pricing During a Recession

The South African economy is now in a recession, reducing the spending power that customers have or making those who do have spending power a lot more price sensitive about their purchases.  Keeping or growing your market share can be tough during these times, especially when competitors compete even more aggressively and customers are more hesitant to spend. Here are 6 important price related tips that may help you stay ahead: Premium Pricing Market Penetration Pricing Economy Pricing Price Skimming Psychology Pricing Bundled…

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DIY Online Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors If you are looking for ways to increase your sales without spending too much, online marketing is the way to go. Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that marketing is expensive and that the only way to sell products or services is through door-to-door or one on-one sales methods. This month's blog article will give you 5 easy and cost effective ways to increase your sales without breaking the bank. Doing business…

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