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Beat Load Shedding with WAPPoint

According to an article in The South African, load shedding costs our economy an estimated R1 Billion per stage that we are on, per day! That means that stage 1 costs R1 Billion and it goes up to R4 Billion per day on stage 4 load shedding! Unfortunately, not all business owners are in the position to acquire and install generators so that they can keep their lights on and continue business as usual, and even if they are, it…

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New Years Resolutions

Good New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

As a business owner, you start with a fantastic idea or sideline passion and before you know it, you have a fully fledged business. Once the business starts taking off, you soon begin to realise that certain aspects of your business might not be living up to the ideas you had when creating the business concept. An example of that would be having a business that is always open during the holidays vs one that is not. Perhaps you are frustrated by…

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Choosing the right merchant services provider

Finding the right service provider for your card facility requirements is a key element to growing your business but choosing between the various offerings on the market today can be challenging. It is not always just about price as choosing your service provider just for their cheaper costing can cost you a lot in the long run! This month's article is all about providing you with an objective point of view to help you make this decision and to help…

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Keeping Promises

The Importance of Keeping Promises to Your Clients

We've all experienced it; broken promises from service providers. About 2 weeks ago I watched a video of a woman quite literally losing it in an outlet for a popular South African service provider. I’d never seen or experienced a customer service complaint like that and I'm not quite sure what she wanted but I'm pretty sure that she didn't lose it because she had to wait for 5 minutes, heck, even a week for a promise to be kept.…

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6 Ways to Structure Your Pricing During a Recession

The South African economy is now in a recession, reducing the spending power that customers have or making those who do have spending power a lot more price sensitive about their purchases.  Keeping or growing your market share can be tough during these times, especially when competitors compete even more aggressively and customers are more hesitant to spend. Here are 6 important price related tips that may help you stay ahead: Premium Pricing Market Penetration Pricing Economy Pricing Price Skimming Psychology Pricing Bundled…

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DIY Online Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors If you are looking for ways to increase your sales without spending too much, online marketing is the way to go. Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that marketing is expensive and that the only way to sell products or services is through door-to-door or one on-one sales methods. This month's blog article will give you 5 easy and cost effective ways to increase your sales without breaking the bank. Doing business…

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8 Guidelines That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Many new businesses fail within the first few years because they lack the knowledge on how to plan for and maintain a steady growth pattern. Some businesses grow so quickly that they cannot keep up and others fail because they have over invested in inventory and then cannot sell it quickly enough. This month’s blog article will discuss the 8 guidelines to growing your business steadily and how WAPPoint can help you financially through the growth phase. With WAPPoint payment…

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Better Cash Flows With WAPPoint

With the festive season behind us, businesses are either scrambling for cash flow because of the holidays or need to plan theirs for the quieter period to come. You shouldn't need to worry about your credit card machine supplier limiting your cash flow as well! Cash flow can be described as the amount of spending power, available cash or liquidity between the beginning and end of an accounting period. A strong cash flow indicates that your business has a healthy…

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Credit Card Machines

Traditional Credit Card Machines vs Smartphone Payment Terminals… We tell all

Click here to take the quiz to find out which card machine is more suitable for your type of business. Many business owners are unsure of whether to choose a traditional mobile debit and credit card machine or a smartphone debit and credit card payment solution. Here are our reasons why a card machine is still the best. Card machines still have the fastest transaction time, thus eliminating queues. Smart devices require more entry points so the transactions take a…

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Accepting Card Payments in the Events and Exhibitions Industry:

Every year exhibitions attract tons of visitors in a very short space of time, making it possible for exhibitors to rapidly grow their businesses. Although the aim is for every exhibitor to increase sales and build brand awareness, many exhibitors lose sales due to a lack of service from their card payment facilitators. This month’s blog post is about understanding the events and exhibitions industry from a card payments perspective and how WAPPoint became a leader in this industry. 9…

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