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If you’re stuck and still looking for answers then you’ve come to the right place. Check out our frequently asked questions below and fret no more.

Why choose with WAPPoint?

We do not have minimum turnover requirements and your company does not have to be registered.

What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant ID, also known as a merchant account is a type of bank ID or account that allows a business to accept payments by debit or credit card. Although it is considered a type of “bank” account, the business can choose where the payouts of credit or debit card transactions go. Normally a business bank account is linked to the merchant account. A merchant account also constitutes an agreement between the retailer, the merchant bank/institution supplying the merchant account and the payment processor for the settlement of credit card and/or debit card transactions.

What is the difference between our Product Offerings?

Our Cell phone and Web based solutions only accept Credit Cards and our WAPPoint Terminals accept Credit and Debit Cards. If your target market is younger, we suggest you have a Debit Card facility. Also if you are in need of a really fast system we recommend a WAPPoint Terminal. However most of our customers start with the Cell Phone Option and move to the WAPPoint Terminal when their turnovers increase and their businesses grow.

How do you know if the transaction has been approved?

Via Cell Phone: A Trace number will be returned to your Cell Phone. Website: A Cycle & Trace Number is returned on the screen. WAPPoint Terminal: 2 Slips will print from the Device, a Merchant copy and a Customer Copy. Always check that it says Approved on the slip as well.

How long does it take for a transaction to paid out and why?

Payments are made on the 4th Business day after the transaction date. This gives us time to ensure that the money has cleared in our account and been correctly processed to your account.

What kind of cell phone or SIM Card do I need for the Cell Phone Solutions?

In order to make use of the SMS Based service you will need a MTN or Vodacom 32K SIM Card. You can check this by taking the SIm Card out of your phone and checking that it reads 32K or in the case of MTN 32K WIB2.4 or later. The SIM Card must not be older than 4 years old. If you do not have this kind of SIM Card, you will need an Internet/GPRS Enabled Handset to make use of our WAP Based Service.

Can I use SMS Bundles to send transaction information from my phone?

Unfortunately the system doesn’t allow sms bundles. Normal sms rates apply.

Can I use WAPPoint in other countries?

Yes you can but you need to enter the amount in rands because we operate with South African banks. Currently you will only be able to make use of the WAP Based option on your cell phone or a Web Solution as our Terminals do not operate internationally.

What is the process to sign up and how long does it take?

Complete our online forms on the Sign Up Page and send them to us along with the relevant FICA Documents. We will take it from there! To process your application normally takes 24-72 hours.

Does my company have to be registered to obtain the service?

No, we believe in helping small companies and that means sole proprietors. 70% of our customers are small businesses.

Are there minimum turnover requirements?

No and no penalties either.

Can I use WAPPoint for more than one business?

Yes but you will need to sign 2 contracts if the bank details on the businesses differ.

Can I use one of the WAPPoint Solutions for Debit Orders?

No but we do have Debit Order facilities. Contact us for more info on Debit Order Faciities

Can I do Batch Card Processing ie Magazine subscriptions?

Yes, through our debit order facility service. However, the transaction fees and debit order fees will then apply.

Do you offer E-commerce online payment systems?

As most of our business comes directly from the Exhibition Industry, we are more focused on systems where the cardholder is present at the time of the sale. In cases where E-commerce is incorporated, the risk is much higher for the merchant as there is no paperwork involved with the sale. Contact Us for more information on this as we may be able to advise you on alternatives or our suppliers who do offer this service.

Can I process debit cards as well?

Yes, but only if you hire a WAPPoint Terminal. Our cell phone and web solutions do not allow Debit Cards at this stage due to the Pin Required on such a sale.

What are my logins to the WAPPoint Website?

A welcome email in you inbox should state what your login details are. Otherwise you can phone 086 121 0121 to confirm.

My device is experiencing signal issues. What do I do?

Unfortunately we have no control over the signal, but luckily we supply you with 2 SIMs. Refer to the user guide provided in your bag. Otherwise you are more than welcome to phone our Technical Support Line for assistance.

If you didn’t find an answer to your question: Contact Us and our support staff will provide you with an answer.

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