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WAPPoint's unique Loyalty application enables merchants to easily build a digital Loyalty programme that enables them to engage with and reward their customers.
By rewarding customers for purchases, you'll encourage them to return
Gain many new customers through our App & their mobile location pins
Engage with clients & share your specials via our App's marketing features
Build a database of clients & use the statistics features to grow your revenues


75% of customers lose or forget their loyalty cards and cards carry a huge expense for the merchant. WAPPoint's Loyalty App eliminates the need for cards as clients utilise their smartphones to gather points and redeem rewards.
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Set up your digital Loyalty programme in three easy steps

Step 1: Sign up as a merchant

Set up your Loyalty Programme in Minutes

Using the “WAPPoint Merchant” App and Online Merchant Console, you will be able to setup and maintain unique rewards and promotions for your business. No documents required and our sign up process is all done online in minutes. Our App will also gather insightful data on your customers which you can utilise to grow revenues and engage with them in more personalised ways.

Step 2: Encourage clients to join

Ask clients to download the App

Inform your customers of your rewards and promotions so they can start enjoying these benefits straight away! The “WAPPoint Loyalty” App is completely free and available for download from the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store. Customers then use the App to earn and redeem points. A simple check-in and stamp exchange takes place and their purchase or redemption is concluded. Customers can also use the App to view all the other subscribed merchants in the area which will make them shop from the network instead of elsewhere, making it a very lucrative service for them to be a part of.


Step 3: Develop Customer Loyalty

Get returning customers & increase profits

Loyalty Programmes  allow  you to not only build a unique database of customers but offers you the opportunity to get to know your customers and their purchasing/spending trends. In order to maximise results, we suggest that you decide in advance what you would like to know about your customers. By gathering data that would best benefit your business, you will be able to make informed decisions on which products / services to offer or stock and thus cater to your customers’ needs better. The result is higher profits for you and loyal customers will stay with you for years.

Merchant App Features

Customisable Setup
  • You decide how to reward
  • You decide how to promote
  • Fully branded with your logo
  • No additional devices required
Customer Tracking
  • View all your customers’ data online
  • Check how often they transact / check-in
  • Engage with them in personal ways
  • Greet them by name when they check-in
Extensive Statistics
  • Analyse campaign success ratios
  • View customer redemption rates
  • Study or change customer behaviour
  • Improve your profits & client happiness

Community Loyalty Apps are the way of the future and will grow in popularity as time goes on, giving your business great exposure to local clients!


The WAPPoint Loyalty App can be downloaded by your customers in seconds, meaning you can begin rewarding them instantly.


Collect data about your customers’ behaviour to better target the promotions you send them.


WAPPoint Loyalty allows you to see what promotions are benefiting your business through high end analytics on an easy to use online portal.


Reach out and send promotions to customers via push notifications, enticing them to return to your store in a hurry.


Personalise the rewards you offer to gain the insights or behaviour changes you want for your business.


80% of Revenue is generated by 20% of Customers.

In a recent study it was discovered that 80% of consumers said they were more likely to do business with vendors that offered a loyalty program of some sort than those who did not.

Reap the Rewards.

Retaining 5% more of returning customers, can increase profit by up to 125%. Just imagine how your business would flourish if you were able to retain all your customers!

Loyal customers are actually worth gold!

Existing customers spend 67% more than new ones and it is 10 times more expensive to market to new customers than to keep old ones.

Return customer is king!

Selling to an existing customer is likely to happen between 60% to 70%. Selling to a new customer is likely to happen only about 5% to 15% of the time!


Card Facility Clients

R399 ex VAT
R450 (Once-Off Setup Fee)
Includes Marketing Materials
Includes Merchant Admin Console
Unlimited Loyalty Participants
Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously
Extensive Analytics & Data
Month-Month Contract

Loyalty Only Clients

R499 ex VAT
R450 (Once-Off Setup Fee)
Includes Marketing Materials
Includes Merchant Admin Console
Unlimited Loyalty Participants
Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously
Extensive Analytics & Data
Month-Month Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Your customers can simply download the free WAPPoint Loyalty app. You will then get notified when that customer checks in on the App every time they visit your business in order to get a stamp or accumulate points towards their loyalty rewards.

  • Better customer experience; who wants to carry cards for every place of business they visit. With WAPPoint Loyalty it’s conveniently located on their phone.
  • No more fraud: Some staff will stamp lots of paper stamp cards in order for their friends to redeem the free rewards. With WAPPoint Loyalty, every stamp or point is  tracked and monitored digitally.
  • Full statistics, since WAPPoint Loyalty is digital, it’s easy to track every customer’s visit and track their history on your online dashboard.
  • Get noticed amongst other businesses in your area & drive new customers to your store. For example a customer might use the WAPPoint Loyalty App at a hairdresser and discover your business around the corner.

Yes. You can easily change/update your customer rewards and add new ones whenever you like via the online merchant dashboard.

Rewards can be anything you want to offer (E.g. Free items, a % discount off an item or bill, or event, etc.) Speak to any of our agents who can advise you on various reward ideas to achieve your goal.

A push notification is a promotion sent out with a certain time limit, that is available only to customers after receiving a point or reward, which is to try and incentivise them to return quickly or during off-peak hours.

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