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Please note that all quoted prices exclude VAT and are subject to change at any time. Standard WAPPoint (Pty) Ltd Terms and Conditions apply. Kindly refer to our Pricing Policy for more information.



R 149

per month ex VAT

R350 (Once-Off Setup Fee)

FREE delivery to your door

Subject to a 12 Month Contract

Connects Via Bluetooth

Android 2.3 or Higher & iOS 6 or higher

Tx Fees Start @ 2.95%



R 1749 ex VAT

Get the PRO device for the price of the LITE! This Device is Tap-And-Go Enabled

No Setup Fee & NO Monthly Fee

FREE delivery to your door

NO Fixed Contract

Connect Via Bluetooth Android 2.3 or Higher & iOS 6 or higher

Tx Fees Start @ 2.95%




per expo ex VAT

R350 (Once-Off Setup Fee) 

Subject to an Expo Contract

Includes delivery & collect

Connects Via Bluetooth

Android 2.3 or Higher & iOS 6 or higher

Tx Fees Start @ 3.50%

If you found it cheaper elsewhere, we will do our best to match or beat any existing rates.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer every payment solution under one roof i.e. Traditional Card Machines, Payment Pebble, Pocket MPOS & eCommerce payments, allowing your business to grow and evolve!
  • We work alongside over 500 expos per year and leave back ups on site so you can easily get a replacement device if your device breaks at an event.



R 429

per month ex VAT

R350 (Once-Off Setup Fee)

R95pm insurance

Month-Month Contract

Minimum Turnover -R15000 pm

Includes DUAL SIMs

Tx fees start on 2.95% OR We'll beat your current service provider's pricing



R0 (Once-Off Setup Fee) DEMO STOCK DEVICE 3 Mth Warranty

R95pm insurance & R100pm Service Plan Optional  

No Fixed Contract

NO Minimum Turnover

Excludes DUAL SIMs Charged @ R120pm

Tx fees start on 2.95% OR We'll beat your current service provider's pricing




per expo ex VAT

R350 (Activation p/expo. Includes Delivery & Collection of the device)

R95pm insurance

Expo Contract

NO Minimum Turnover

Includes DUAL SIMs

Tx fees based on turnover OR We'll beat your current service provider's pricing

If you’re switching from another service provider, attach their statement to your application and we will beat your existing debit and credit card rates which could save you thousands!

Why Choose Us?

  • We are one of the few service providers who offer dual sim cards and we provide CSV reporting on all card transactions done on a traditional card machine.
  • No other service providers offer you the option to become the owner of your very own card machine and stop paying rentals forever!



R 0

per month


R350 (Once-Off Setup Fee)

Choose any 1 Payment Method: MasterPass Snap & Pay or Widget or Plugins for Shopping Cart or Create a Fundraiser Page 

NO Fixed Contract

No Minimum Turnovers

MasterPass Snap and Pay is widely used in restaurants and markets and is similar to Snapscan & Zapper

Accepts Credit Cards & Some Hybrid Cards Only

Transaction Fees Fixed @ 3.5%


R 99

per month ex VAT


R350 (Once-Off Setup Fee)

Choose any 2 Payment Methods: MasterPass Snap & Pay or Widget or Plugins for Shopping Cart or Create a Fundraiser Page 

Month-Month Contract

No Minimum Turnovers

Easy integration into any established website. Our Shopping Cart Plugins include a Card Payment Plugin & an Ipay Instant EFT Plugin

Accepts Credit Cards & Some Hybrid Cards Only

Transaction Fees Start @ 2.95% and lower depending on turnover

Speak to us about your unique requirements. We can integrate a payment facility into your Website, Facebook page or invoices. All terminals accept credit cards and are 3d secure and PCI compliant.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re the only service provider who offers literally every type of payment solution under one roof and flexibility to switch between all our solutions as your business develops and evolves.
  • Our online terminals allow you to”make money while you sleep” giving you peace of mind that your business can carry on even when you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere.

We offer a very unique service

because we strive to offer the most value for money services in our industry. Check out what you can gain by joining WAPPoint!


Rent to Own or Purchase a card machine to save long term on monthly rental fees. We are currently the only service provider to offer this on traditional card machines as manufacturers only allow purchases in large quantities and bank certification can cost millions.


No more waiting in long help desk queues or having to log a call and wait 24-72 hours for someone to resolve your query. We are 100% service driven so our aim is to make every client feel like a VIP. A dedicated account manager is assigned to oversee your account when you sign up permanently and they will ensure that any queries are handled efficiently and quickly.


Most service providers only offer one or two terminals which means you always need to look for a new supplier or complete new contracts when your business requirements change. We offer most payment solutions on the market i.e. card machines, smart phone card payment solutions and online or e-Commerce solutions.


Most service providers offer gross settlement and then deduct all the merchant fees on month end causing many merchants to suffer cash flow problems as salaries and other creditor payments are due at the same time. That’s why we prefer to Nett settle so you don’t have any surprise debits on month end.


Franchises, DSAs and business owners with many branches or businesses love the fact that they can manage all their branches or users through one platform and one set of logins with multi-level access to each user or branch’s transactions. Top levels can view all transactions / settlements whereas lower levels can only view their own transactions / settlements.


Easily switch between packages or terminals if your business requirements change. If you operate seasonally or only at exhibitions or your business goes into a quiet time during the year, you can upgrade or downgrade or add or remove extra terminals as and when you need to. Best of all, NO PAPERWORK!


We have worked in the events industry for over 17 years and provide terminals to over 500 expos, festivals and shows per year. Besides our delivery & collection services, we also leave back ups on-site at many events, making it easy to get a swap out within minutes if technical problems arises. This makes us the preferred solution to many exhibitors and organisers nationwide.


We provide extensive online based reporting on all card transactions. You can use these reports to reconcile sales or even save time by importing these CSV reports directly into your accounting package. Very few service providers offer reporting and much less anything as advanced. With us, it’s also completely FREE!


Get connected within 24-72 hours or even less and our entire application process is done online within 10 minutes! We can deliver a device on a generic merchant name while we wait for your merchant to be issued by the bank. We also deliver and collect from most major exhibitions.


When opting for any of our services, you’ll automatically receive a Free MasterPass Terminal which can be used as a backup payment method in your store or on your website or Facebook page. So, while you wait for a replacement terminal to be delivered to you, your clients can scan your QR Code image and make payments to you via the MasterPass app.


"Really exceptional by ALL standards. My expectations were exceeded by far. Highly knowledgeable and professional staff. " ~  Die Solder op die Hoek 

"I placed the order for a new Speed point on Tuesday morning 18th September 2018, and my order was delivered to me in Vaalwater (tussen nerens en erens) Thursday morning before 12h00. I must honestly state that I had my doubts that this will not be delivered to me by Friday. And you guys have over exceed my expectations!! Well Done!! especially Danielle, from the moment she took my call, she was very helpful and very efficient! Thank you very much! " ~ Yolandy Siebert, Mashudu Private Game Lodge 

"Quick responses to all calls and queries. Quick delivery of product and excellent call center assistance. " ~ Billy Craig Group

"I would just like to thank you for your amazing service and patience in sorting out our problems. These days top class service is rare……… but you did it!! " ~ Linda, Crows Nest

"I just wanted to compliment your customer service department on the most amazing service I have ever received. Nothing is ever a problem to fix or a hassle to help at any time of the day! Everybody is so sufficient and helpful. I would recommend WAPPoint to anybody. Thank you very much for the amazing service! " ~ Juanita Keating, Pure Romance

"This is the best service. Lovely staff, who has inspired me not to give up and just to believe.
The staff gave me the impression that they are a company that listens and try their best. 5 Stars is too little. I give them 10 stars! WAPPoint has given me and my business a second chance. With our pebble we have told our clients that we are going paperless and they love it. Again a Big thank you to WAPPoint.
" ~ Chantal Rademan, Skin Retreat Linden

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