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eCommerce & Online Card Payment Processing

Utilise our Payment Gateway on any Website!

Whether you have an existing website or no website at all, we can help you accept online or eCommerce card payments in your business. Our solutions range from easy-to-install widgets and plugins to fully customisable APIs. Reduce your debtors or close deals faster by using our stand-alone 3D secure card payment facility; ideal for telephonic ordering or for customers to pay an invoice or integrate our payment gateway into a shopping cart, accommodation booking system, student or customer platform and much more. 

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” — Warren Buffett

Stand Alone Card Payments via a Widget

A method of receiving Invoice / Telephonic Order Payments

Stand Alone Widget

per month
  • Insert the widget into your website by pasting a small iframe code into any page.
  • You will need an SSL Certificate which can be obtained from your hosting services provider. (+-R200 p/year)
  • If you don’t have a website, we can even add your widget into our website!
  • Provide customers the link to the page when you want them to pay e.g.
  • Customers enter card details and process securely by entering an OTP (One-Time PIN).
  • An email is sent to you with the payment confirmation.
  • Reduce your debtors by adding to your invoices.
  • Increase sales by providing the payment link on your printed or digital adverts to make money while you sleep!
  • Transaction fees starting at 3.25%. No monthly fees! Prices Exclude VAT. Ts & Cs Apply

Shopping Cart Card Payments via a Plugin

A method of receiving payments through your online store

Integrated Plugin

per month
  • Purchase a license for / download the appropriate VCS plugin for your shopping cart
  • You will require an existing website with an existing shopping cart / online store system
  • If you don’t have one of the shopping carts listed on VCS’s plugin page, you will need to ask your developer to use our API
  • Upload the plugin into your website and then obtain a merchant ID and VCS terminal ID from us for it to work.
  • Customers add their items to a cart in your online store and on check out are prompted for card payment info.
  • An order email is sent to you with the payment confirmation.
  • Your online shop can now make money on its own!
  • Transaction fees starting at 3.25%. No monthly fees! Prices Exclude VAT. Ts & Cs Apply

MasterPass The Secure Digital Wallet App

Customers scan / snap / zap your QR Code to pay you!

MasterPass Scan to Pay

R250 Setup, R0pm, 2.75%
  • MasterPass is a secure digital wallet for customers
  • More security features than any other Snap-to-Pay or Zap-to-Pay Apps.
  • Real-time OTP (One Time PIN) or bank ATM PIN authentication.
  • You don’t require any devices, just your static QR Code signage! 
  • Simplify the payments on your website by adding your QR Code to your online store!
  • This payment method is widely used in restaurants, markets, festivals and expos. 
  • Only 2.75% per transaction, no monthly fees! Prices Exclude VAT. Ts & Cs Apply
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Process Instant EFT Online Payments

Secure SID (Secure Internet Deposit) Payment Method

i-Pay Instant EFT

per month
  • i-Pay is a secure internet deposit EFT service
  • Payments can be made via SMS, Email, QR Code or Push.
  • Buyers can instantly process an EFT payment to a merchant, without loading the beneficiary on their bank account. 
  • Faster delivery of goods as the merchant receives payment confirmation instantly.
  • Integrates easily into your online store!
  • Got more questions on this product? Check out our FAQ
  • Only 2.5% per transaction, no monthly fees! Ts & Cs Apply

* All prices exclude VAT and not all prices have been quoted. 

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