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The WAPPoint Story

WAPPoint was initially conceived whilst watching an informal business person struggling to explain to a client why he couldn’t accept a credit card as payment. The thought of allowing every merchant, be they big, small, mobile or office based, the ability to utilize this form of payment struck home. That, together with the realisation that it would not only increase the merchant’s potential but also the cardholder’s convenience is what created WAPPoint as a solution for small to medium sized enterprises. On this day, December 10, 2000, the WAPPoint story began!

How WAPPoint got it's unique name

WAPPoint was the very first company in the world to launch a cell phone credit card gateway using WAP technology. The solution worked on any cell phone that had an internet connection and processed manual card transactions from the user’s mobile. Because the term “speed point” was widely used and recognised as a term people used to refer to card machines, we felt that branding the technology as a “WAPPoint” would help users to associate the service to a card machine as well. This was the first ever mobile form of card payment solution as Speed Points in those days were always connected to power and telephone lines. Today we believe that this sparked the revolution of cell phone banking, cell phone card payment apps and everything else that has come after it so we feel very proud of our achievement so many years ago. Due to the fact that we now offer so many different payment solutions and have moved away from WAP technology, our name can also stand for “Wireless Authorisation Payment Point”.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is not only to allow every business owner the convenience of accepting credit & debit cards but also to provide a unique service offering which gives our merchants real value for money i.e. loyalty cash back rewards, ownership of their own devices, detailed reporting and many more….

Whilst consumers carry less cash, WAPPoint, as a leading mobile payment facility, allows the merchant to increase their revenue by accepting card payments anywhere, anytime. The fact that every transaction processed via a WAPPoint terminal is immediately authorised by the appropriate financial institutions, limits the possibility of fraudulent card use and our comprehensive reporting on transactions and settlements gives our merchants the ability to recon their financials with ease.

Another amazing fact about us is that we invented the world’s first ever cell phone credit card payment terminal! This was back when a mobile card machine was almost non-existent in the South African marketplace and many businesses still used manual “zip-zap” card imprints that they submitted at the bank hoping payment went through.

Our aim is to allow every business this type of convenience, therefore we cater for registered and non-registered businesses and our packages are flexible and interchangeable so that our merchants can easily switch between offerings as their business needs change.

Our focus is also on making the whole experience convenient for the merchant i.e. making the whole process as hassle free as possible. Our fast turnaround times on sign up, customer service and support combined with our online paperwork methods, make it a pleasure for customers to transact with us. We will therefore continue to enhance our product, making it simpler, faster and more user friendly whilst listening to and incorporating the multitude of suggestions from our valued clients. The growth of WAPPoint comes from not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of these special people.

Our Vision

To provide a Complete Payment Acceptance Solution to our clients through a multitude of technologies through one online payment platform. We also aim to become a major player in the SME Credit Card Facility Space by providing the most value for money offering.

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