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Purchasing VS Renting Your Card Machine

There are several things to consider when making the choice between renting a device vs purchasing one. Whatever you choose, it has to fit your business and your pocket. How long will the device last? The typical lifespan of any type of card machine should be approximately 3 years as this is the amount of time that a device is typically certified for. If you’re lucky, your device could last a lot longer which would make purchasing the obvious choice.…

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Accepting online payments without being tech savvy

Accepting online payments can seem like a daunting exercise, made only for web developers and IT gurus but we can assure you that it doesn’t have to be! Many also believe that this can be very costly as we all know what websites cost, however, with our payment methods, you can even sell online without a website! This month’s article will take you through the steps to get your business transacting online in no time! The first thing to consider when…

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Beat Load Shedding with WAPPoint

According to an article in The South African, load shedding costs our economy an estimated R1 Billion per stage that we are on, per day! That means that stage 1 costs R1 Billion and it goes up to R4 Billion per day on stage 4 load shedding! Unfortunately, not all business owners are in the position to acquire and install generators so that they can keep their lights on and continue business as usual, and even if they are, it…

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New Years Resolutions

Good New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

As a business owner, you start with a fantastic idea or sideline passion and before you know it, you have a fully fledged business. Once the business starts taking off, you soon begin to realise that certain aspects of your business might not be living up to the ideas you had when creating the business concept. An example of that would be having a business that is always open during the holidays vs one that is not. Perhaps you are frustrated by…

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Choosing the right merchant services provider

Finding the right service provider for your card facility requirements is a key element to growing your business but choosing between the various offerings on the market today can be challenging. It is not always just about price as choosing your service provider just for their cheaper costing can cost you a lot in the long run! This month's article is all about providing you with an objective point of view to help you make this decision and to help…

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Keeping Promises

The Importance of Keeping Promises to Your Clients

We've all experienced it; broken promises from service providers. About 2 weeks ago I watched a video of a woman quite literally losing it in an outlet for a popular South African service provider. I’d never seen or experienced a customer service complaint like that and I'm not quite sure what she wanted but I'm pretty sure that she didn't lose it because she had to wait for 5 minutes, heck, even a week for a promise to be kept.…

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6 Low Cost Ways to Advertise Your Business

Do you shy away from spending money to advertise your business? With the ever rising costs and increasing pressures on our economy, marketing or advertising is often seen as a luxury item and pushed aside and if costs isn't the reason for lack of advertising, many business owners shy away because they have no idea how to approach it or how to get the results they want from it. But if you really think about it, if you knew that for…

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How to cope as a Momtrepreneur

As told by a WAPPoint-Mommy-To-Be: Being pregnant or having kids whilst running a business or working in a very high pressured job with lots of responsibilities is nothing less than exhausting and can be very difficult to maintain a balance between being a mother, having a full time job and maintaining your marriage. Being a workaholic and not interested in the idea of being stay at home mom at all, I'm sitting with my feet on hubby's lap and blocking…

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Loyal Customer

How Creating Loyal Customers Results In Bigger Profits

Did you know that existing customers spend 67% more than new ones and it is 10 times more expensive to market to new customers than to keep old ones? Here are 5 ways to gain loyalty from your customers. Let's analyse this statement for a moment. We all have our favourite restaurants, clothing stores and grocery outlets but how did they become our favourite? Why do we choose to spend our hard earned cash at these stores instead of the…

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WAPPOINT Grow Business Through Exhibiting 2

5 Easy Tips to Grow Your Business Through Exhibiting

Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor or new to the expo space, we're here to offer you some free tips on how you can have a hassle free exhibitor experience so that you can achieve the most success at your events this year... Why you should get into / be in the exhibition space: This is one of the best ways for potential customers to find your business and to generate leads which can keep you busy through the quieter…

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