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Terms and Conditions:

  •  The referred customer must be a brand new client, not an existing client who is reconnecting or converting their package with us.
  • The referred client must sign up and pay their setup invoice before the commission will be paid to the person who referred them.
  •  The referral must be an individual / person who has not spoken to WAPPoint about signing up or was contacted by means of WAPPoint’s marketing within the past 6 weeks and was therefore not brought to WAPPoint by the individual referring them.
  • R200 (VAT Inclusive) will be paid via EFT to the bank account of the person who referred them once the payment has been received.
  • The person referring them must be a client of WAPPoint already.
  • Once you have referred 5 clients and they have successfully signed up with us, you will qualify for a Reseller package whereby you can earn transaction fee revenue from your client’s turnovers!
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