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Important Information

Now that your terminal has been delivered, we would like to welcome you as a valued customer, or if you are making use of us again, we thank you for your continued support! This page contains very important information regarding the use of our services.

Downloadable User Guides:

• To familiarise yourself with the usage of your terminal, please click on the relevant image to download the PDF User Guide

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Training Videos:

• To familiarise yourself with the usage of your terminal, please click on the relevant links to the right or below to watch our training videos.

Online Platform


Nedbank Machine User Guide


Red Payment Pebble


Pocket mPOS User Guide


Nedbank MasterPass User Guide

Absa Manual Voucher


Payment Pebble


Altech Machine User Guide


Verifone WPA4 User Guide


What is A Pocket mPOS?

Technical & After Hours Support:

• If you have a technical problem after hours or on a weekend, don’t stress! Our number (021 3000 121) is available 24/7 for Technical Support.

• Should you experience any technical difficulty, please call us immediately as most problems can be fixed telephonically. If we are not able to repair your facility telephonically, we can process credit card transactions manually for you or you can make use of our website to process the transaction while you wait for a solution. Please note that should you process transactions in this way, you will need to use the manual vouchers provided and this service is only available for credit card transactions and does not accept any debit cards. We therefore suggest that you take a look at the manual voucher training videos to familiarise yourself with this process.

• To access our customer area, please use the login link at the top of our website. Your login details have been sent by email.

Minimizing Transaction Risk

1. Paperwork / Vouchers:

• Please inform your customer of the merchant name that will appear on their credit card statement. Unless you have your own merchant ID, one of our unique merchant references will appear on all slips and cardholder statements. You can confirm this by looking at the home screen of your device or ask us to confirm this for you. eg “Exhibition & Retail”
• Always make an imprint of the front of the credit card when doing a manual transaction. This is not applicable to customers using a machine or PocketPOS™ device unless there is a problem with your terminal and you are processing a manual sale. It is advisable to use the credit card vouchers that we supply, as this is your ONLY Proof that the card was “present” at the time of sale and that the cardholder authorised the transaction.
• Always ensure that your client’s signature matches the signature on the back of the credit card. This protects you from fraud or stolen cards.
• Always try to obtain a telephone number (preferably cell phone) for the cardholder so that you can easily make contact if there is a problem.
• From time to time, we may request that you send us your vouchers or provide us with your cardholder’s telephone number to verify the transaction. Often these requests come to us from our bank and we won’t be able to release the funds until we have received this.
• Vouchers are considered invalid if; the card imprint is unclear, the date on the voucher is different to the date of the transaction, the voucher is not signed by the cardholder, the amount does not match etc. As a result, it is very important that manual vouchers be completed perfectly.
• Please keep all vouchers for at least 3 years (Visa / Mastercard rules).

2. Chargebacks / Reversals: (This can also be called Disputes)

• If a customer contacts the bank to cancel a transaction (after it has been approved); the onus is on the merchant (you) to prove that the customer has in fact done the transaction. You can do so only if you have a signed credit card voucher from the customer and the signature on the voucher is the same as the signature on the credit card. We will then ask you e-mail or fax the voucher to us within 3 days so that we can fight the case for you. If no proof of purchase can be established, the bank will reverse the transaction and you will need to contact the cardholder to rectify the situation. If you utilise a PocketPOS™ device, we will need the proof of purchase to be emailed to us from your transaction history as well as a copy of the sales invoice.
• An admin fee is incurred on all disputes and chargebacks as these situations can be easily avoided by following the above procedures correctly.
Please note that we accept Visa, Master and Diners cards only. Any other cards such as American Express, RSC, Buy Aid Cards etc. should not be processed as we are not affiliated with these institutions. We cannot be held liable for any loss incurred due to this.

The Payment & Financial Process

3. The Payment Process:

• The banks accumulate transactions in cycles / batches and then pay completed cycles / batches over to us. We must wait for the bank to pay us before we can pay you. The usual time period for our payments to be made is 2 business days on permanent merchants and 4 business days on expo merchants, however, the time it may take for you to receive the payment can take up to a week due to different factors.
• If there are any documents outstanding or any vouchers or cardholder telephone numbers required, payments will not be made until we have received these from you.
• Banks close at 16:30 daily and therefore any transactions processed or settled after 16:30 will automatically fall on the following day’s cycle. Due to the fact that they are closed on Sundays, any transactions processed on a Sunday will fall on the Monday cycle. This means that a 3 business day (permanent merchants) or 5 business day (expo merchants) waiting period may apply on such payments.
• We make payments from our Nedbank account. If you bank with another bank, it may take a further day or two to reflect in your account after the payment was made to you.
• Payments are only made from Monday – Friday (except public holidays).
• Once we have made payments, we will email you a settlement report. This will show you the transactions paid, the amount settled and the fees deducted.
• Please note that we are VAT registered and charge VAT on all our prices, including the transaction fees.

4. Financials: Invoices, Statements & Reporting

• Transactions can be viewed on our website by logging in to the customer area. Cell phone or device users may experience a day or two delay on viewing transactions as they must be imported into our system before they reflect.
• In addition, you will be able to view all financial statements and invoices on the site as well. If you require login details for our website, please give our office a call or press the “forgot password” link on the login page.
• Subscription Invoices: We are compelled by law to give you tax invoices for services rendered to you. If you are on a monthly rental or subscription package, your subscription invoices will be uploaded to our website for retrieval. Please only pay them if you are not on a debit order payment plan.
• Transaction Fees Invoices: If you have processed transactions during the month, your transaction fees invoice will be uploaded to our website for retrieval. Transaction fees are deducted from your transactions before payments are made to you and thus, these invoices are not payable. They are merely for your own accounting records.
• Accounting Statement: Our statement indicates your invoices, transactions, fees and payments. This is a full detail of all the activity that happened on your account with us during the current month. Your statements are uploaded to our website for retrieval and can be used for reconciliation.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or assistance.

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